What Does Cbd Feel Like And Knowing Its Side Effects?

CBD is a molecule derived from Cannabis plant. It helps in reducing pain, anxiety, nausea and even many more diseases like cancer, sleeplessness etc.It is even known as hemp oil and many say it’s a godsend oil to cure many disorders.CBD is generally available in the form of oil, capsules, powder, vaporizers and ointments.CBD has been growing more by farmers in some countries to meet the demand of patients using Cannabinoids. As CBD is non toxic, its usage has been growing enormously in the recent times. Compared to THC, CBD is more safe and non toxic. Generally 1500gm per day is the maximum dosage of the CBD taken by the users to fight pain and other diseases. However there is Cbd side effect which may not be adverse but is mild and curable.

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Side effects of CBD and dosages:

Even though CBD has many benefits, users should be aware of the potential side effects of the Cannabinoids to avoid confusion. Here are some side effects of CBD:

  • May cause dry mouth with high dosages than the limitation.
  • Tiredness can be observed after taking CBD.
  • Low blood pressure only in some cases.
  • Rarely seen lightheadedness and drowsiness.
  • With high dosage, CBD can neutralize the liver enzyme, cytochrome P450.But it is not considered as serious effect.

One need to consult a doctor if taking CBD in cases like blood pressure and any other diseases.CBD is a safe drug for the consumption of humans with very less and mild Cbd side effect. The dosages of about 300mg daily are good and safe for about six months for humans. Dosages which are higher about 1200-1500mg daily may be safe for about four weeks. Beyond these dosages the users may have those mild side effects which are not serious. Particular dosages have been assigned to each disorder by the doctors to avoid side effects: For chronic pain, dosage can be about 2.5 to 20mg per day for about 25 days. Sleep disorders can be dosage with about 40 to 160mg daily. Diseases with eye like Glaucoma, the person can consume about 20 to 40 mg daily. The people with joint pains and arthritis can be dosage with about 10mg daily. However CBD is consumed with combining different types of foods for better and varied results.

Legal status of CBD:

Medical use of CBD is still covered under some laws and regulations due to the compound variations in cannabis plant. However it is legal only in some parts of the world and permitted in medical research. The countries allow only growing cannabis plant which is high in CBD and low in THC to avoid the drug abuse of THC.A legal proceeding should be undergone by the farmers, manufacturers and distributors of CBD to avoid illegal activities.

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