What Are The Side Effects Of Winstrol!

Winstrol, popularly known as stanozolol or winny is a synthetically processed hormone. The drug is derived from dihydrotestosterone which is similar to the properties of testosterone. The drug is used as the supplement of body building for athletes and sports persons belonging on field and tracks. The compound is also used to treat the medical condition of the hereditary angioedema which is the main cause of swelling up of the face, bowel wall, extremities, throat, and genitals. Treating these conditions with Winstrol result in the decrease of the frequency of the attacks.Winstrol is not available as a brand name in the Unites States of America, but it still exists in few generic medicinal versions. There are several recorded cases of fatalties from taking too much Winstrol when the drug is taken in high dose.

Side Effects Of Winstrol

The common side effects of Winstrol

The common side effects and recorded fatalties from taking too much Winstrol or Stanozolol includes nausea, vomiting, swelling of an ankle, new outbursts or worsening of existing acnes, insomnia, fluctuations in sexual desire and also the change in the skin color. Among adult males and adolescents, the drug can affect the erection of the male genital organ; even acnes can also appear on the skin. In women, Winstrol can affect by causing acne, changing the menstrual cycle, growth of facial hair and also hoarseness. Winstrol as an anabolic steroid is scientifically associated with severe physical reactions due to intense dosage.

People, who are newly exposed to the drug, must be recommended with low dosage then gradually the dosage should be increased keeping in mind the synchronization of the drug with the body. There are several medications which may negatively react with the Winstrol like blood thinners or anticoagulants and insulin. Winstrol is known drug for creating birth defects, so if you are pregnant, or come to know about your pregnancy, you should immediately stop consuming the drug. Winstrol is also dangerous for a woman and her infant when she is lactating. So avoiding it in the total period of gestation and lactation will be a wise decision for the female.

The enlisted side effects of Winstrol from the scientific research

Winstrol may affect the normal function of the liver and may also induce cholestatic jaundice, necrosis, and even death. It is seen in the lab tests that too much intake of Winstrol may increase the levels of serum bilirubin, bromsalphalein, alkaline phosphatase and glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase. During puberty, this drug can cause frequent erections in men with phallic enlargement. After puberty, a male can experience decreased function of the testicles, oligospermia, epididymitis, chronic priapism, impotence, testicular atrophy and also bladder irritability. In women, an enlarged clitoris and also irregularities of the menstrual cycle can be perceived. In both men and women, an increased level of libido can be seen. In the case of neurological disorder, one can perceive excitement, anxiety, depression and also habituation. The gastro intestinal disorders include diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. The blood irregularity includes coagulation of blood. Larynx of the women is also affected as the voice deepens. The drug can also induce Hirsutism and male pattern baldness in women.

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