Use theLatest Form of Healthy Cream

Have you ever thought that there will be a day coming when you just need to rub testosterone cream on your skin and the hormone level will automatically develop during low consistency? Well, you do not need to worry; your dream has come true. Yes, this is a cream that is absorbed through the skin helping your vital hormone come to the natural level. The estrogen blocker that is included in the cream helps to inhibit and suppress aromatizing of testosterone into estrogen. People usually apply half to one tablespoon of the gel on the skin like inner arms, thighs or behind the knees. It should be applied in the morning and prior to bed. For the best result, you can apply the hormonal cream to the part of the skin which has the least amount of hair. The extra benefit can also be obtained if you apply half or one spoon before ten minutes of exercise or sexual activity. This is the general application of the cream but still you need to consult with a doctor as it depends upon your body quality.

Healthy Cream

Categories of misleading side-effects

The cream is very effective to hormone replacement therapy but you should some creams or gels that bring harm to your body. Generally, the side effects fall into three classes. The first one occurs in creams for both men and women. They are masculinizing effects like increased hair growth, deepening of the voice, weight gain and acne. Men can experience difficulties in urinating and can develop prostate problems. The wrong usage for women can result in enlarged, swollen or tender breasts. The side effects start with an irritation on the skin where it is applied. Too much of usage turns the blood level to a toxic level. The second class occurs less often but is also experienced. Self-medication of certain creams can cause skin discoloration. Other problems faced by the impatient users are depression, anxiety, mood disorder, gastrointestinal disease, and headaches. Going beyond the limit actually, reduces the sex drive rather than enhancing it. Women experience menstrual irregularities and enlargement of the clitoris. The last form is the rarest that include liver complications, unusual bleeding, and abnormal bruising.

Cream for women

Medication of testosterone cream is prescribed in women when there is a deficiency of T level. This means when women have a low sex drive. Doctor prescribes them for increased libido. Women who are prescribed or want to use must apply the cream on their vagina for at least two times a week. The effect is quite rapid as it is absorbed by the vaginal skin and pass through the blood vessel. Consulting with the doctor is a must because the medication may not work for some women. Do not try to overdose as certain creams can cause skin discoloration. The product that is prescribed from the doctor contains the natural hormone in high level. Over the counter, creams are usually less in containment. It is a strict no for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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