Top Wood Types for Home Building Materials

Wood is one of the most construction materials. Its popularity can be attributed to its affordable cost, appearance, lifespan, and ease of working. There are so many species of wood with various characteristics. Some of these species are perfectly suitable for constructing an entire building. Others may be used in designing novelty items that only require light construction.

In most instances, a particular wood variety needs maturity before it can be used as timber or lumber. Every species of wood has a unique set of characteristics, which you should carefully study before you decide to use them as structural components in designing a new home, an outdoor garden, and for decking materials.

Wood Types for Home

Common Characteristics of Wood is the number one building material because of its remarkable characteristics. Aside from these traits, wood is also known for its special attributes such as noise control, corrosion resistance, outstanding elasticity, easy handling, and high load absorption. When you use wood for your home, consider its color variation.

It is necessary to observe certain conditions avoid darkening especially when the timber is exposed to direct sunlight. Spotted GumCorymbia maculate, commonly known as spotted gum, is widely available in south-eastern Australia. This wood species usually thrives on drained and textured soils. Spotted gum has a pale yellowish brown color.

An ideal material for decking projects, this timber is widely known for its durability and adaptability. Originally, spotted gum is only intended for structural accessories. However, as its durability and flexibility gains more following, spotted gum is now widely used for flooring, landscaping, decking, cladding, poles, and boat building projects. Hardwood materials are usually graded, and for spotted gum decking elements, you can choose from a standard grade, select grade, and feature grade.

You can also order customized solid hardwood flooring online.BlackbuttIf you prefer hardwood materials with cream to pale brown colors, then choose the black butt timber otherwise known by its botanical name as Eucalyptus pillars. When it comes to its general appearance, the black butt timber varies from pale brown to pale pink.

This species is commercially available in Australia especially in New South Wales. Blackbutt is widely used in cladding, decking, wood chipping, and flooring. What also makes this timber popular is its easy workability and its termite resistant properties. View online timber galleries if you want to order customized solid hardwood flooring made from blackbutt timber.

Oakford your flooring needs, consider 300×300 structural timbers or engineered oak flooring. Queues petrel, the Russian or French Oak, is said to be closely similar to the American Oak. The heartwood of this timber has pale yellow-brown color.

Common applications of this heartwood include joinery, carvings, paneling, cooperages, and flooring. In terms of performance during application, the oak hardwood is extremely reliable. Contact your timber supplier if you want to purchase customized solid hardwood flooring materials for your home. Consult someone who is an expert in timber materials before you place an order for customized solid hardwood flooring. With professional guidance, you can learn more about hardness density and natural durability ratings.

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