Tips for Business Success on Pinterest

Creating a profile on Pinterest for your business is simple, but doing it right takes time and effort. If you are just a beginner on Pinterest and want to get the most out of your experience, here are 3 things that can help your business: Fill outboards properly- When you are getting started on Pinterest for your business you need to make an effort to build out your boards.

Business Success

You want to have at least 6 boards to show that you are active on the site and then you want to have at least 10 images or so on every board so that they don’t look empty when people come across your profile. It is important to come up with appropriate categories for your boards and think about the types of things that your ideal client would be interested in. Once you have an idea of the types of things a good customer would pin then you can begin building out your boards to attract other users.

Give thanks when necessary- As a general rule of thumb, you want to make sure that you always thank other users when applicable. If someone repins your content or likes your images then you want to thank you to them out of courtesy. The more you say thank you, the more likely you are to receive interaction from that person later on. In the long term, it could even lead to them checking out your business and even purchasing something.

 Remember that social media is all about managing your reputation and building online relationships. Always give credit- When you pin images from the web it is important that you do your best to find the original source and give credit to that person or website. It is always best to give credit where it is deserved and if someone else is the owner of the image you want to make sure that all the traffic is sent their way.

Also, if you are going to be creating a business Pinterest account then you want to do your best not to over promote yourself. If you are only sharing images that are from your business then you can leave a bad taste is user’s mouths. Remember that you want to contribute to the community by sharing content that others will enjoy even if it didn’t come from you.

There is nothing wrong with throwing in some of your own stuff just don’t get too overzealous. Once you’ve created the profile you want to spend some time on Pinterest getting used to the format and interface. The more comfortable you are with the platform the more natural your interactions will be and the more success you will have with your page. Katie is an author for Skyhook Marketing, a digital marketing company that helps businesses stand out online.

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