The Most Popular Vape Tricks

With vaping becoming quite a trendy affair over the past years, people have been experimenting with some amazing tricks. While some of them are pretty complex and near impossible for a beginner to do, a few others are pretty simple. In this post, we will list down five simple and popular vape tricks you can easily master.

The Waterfall Trick

A very famous trick, this one converts the vape into a heavy substance that looks like water and which will flow down from the bottle like a waterfall. Though it looks magical, this trick is pretty easy to pull off. All you have to do is to take a bottle with frozen water at the bottom. And when you take a drag, bring the bottle close towards you and blow it inside the bottle. That’s it. Now, just hold the bottle at an angle and you can see a magical vape waterfall. Make sure that you use only the best quality Vaping kits & e-liquids.

Popular Vape Tricks

The Tornado Trick

When you do this trick in front of your friends, you can be sure that they will be mighty impressed. In this, you are essentially creating a pool of vapor from which you will create a ‘mini tornado’. This one takes some skill to master but is pretty straightforward. Exhale the vape onto a flat surface, then use your hands to quickly and randomly chop on the surface. Immediately, flick your wrists and bring your arm above your head. If you are quick, you will now have created a swirling little tornado.

The Atomic Bomb Trick

If you are planning on having a party at your home, this is trick you should perform. You can essentially have a mini atomic explosion right in the palm of the guests. For this trick, you will need a big polyethylene bag. Bring all the guests of the party together and ask them to exhale the vape into the bag. Once the bag is filled, close it for a few seconds. Then open it and kick at the bottom. There will now be little atomic mushroom cloud right in front of you.

The Ghost Inhale Trick

Another easy trick, the ghost inhale involves you exhaling and immediately inhaling a ball of vape that looks exactly like the smoke effects one sees in ghost movies. The best thing about the trick is that you don’t need any accessories to do it. Just inhale the vape and hold it inside the oral cavity for a couple of seconds. Then allow the vapor to come out of your mouth in the shape of a ball. And before it disintegrates away, inhale it quickly through your mouth. Make sure that you have the mouth opened in an ‘O’ shape when you exhale or else the vape might not come out in the shape of a ball.

The Vape Bubble Trick

You will need a bottle that has been cut at the bottom. Use a mix of water and soap to blow a bubble through the bottom of the bottle. Make sure that you don’t blow the bubble out completely. Instead, it must only be half-formed, just on the verge of separating from the bottle. Now, exhale the vape right through the bottle into the bubble. The vapor filled bubble will now separate from the bottle and float in the air for a few seconds before bursting and letting the vapor out.

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