The Art Of Learning Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a form of ancient art that is popular and in existence even today, it mainly focuses on the formation of letters, symbols that are written in quite a number of ways. It is all about the way the letters are written, formed and arranged, it is complicated but it is not something that is difficult to learn. Anyone can learn the techniques and create their own beautiful world of letters.

Learn about calligraphy

Online classes are a great way to learn calligraphy, there are a number of online classes that take place and that focus on calligraphy and the formation of letters. There are also quite a number of calligraphy books that can be bought to learn and known more about calligraphy.

The Art Of Learning Calligraphy

Things required

Whether you are taking personal classes or online classes to learn calligraphy it is important to buy the required stationery, without which doing calligraphy is literally impossible. There are a few basic supplies on which one should focus and then learn about this beautiful ancient art of calligraphy.

  • The calligraphy pen- Gone are the days when brushes and feathers were used for forming letters and doing are, now a days there are calligraphy pens that have a flexible nib for easier letter formation.
  • Choose the ink- There is a wide variety of calligraphy inks to choose from; choose the right colour and the right type which would help you in doing calligraphy. The ink should not be quite thick and the colour doesn’t matter much.
  • The right paper- Do not use the standard paper for calligraphy or the printer paper. Go for a paper which is quite smooth and gives a feather like experience while doing calligraphy.

Tips for learning calligraphy

After knowing and learning about the essential supplies required for calligraphy it is important to know about a few tips:

  • The first thing that one should know is that there are different parts of a nib and of a pen; the actual calligraphy is done by the nib and the part from where we hold the pen. So as a beginner one can purchase the basic pen and a nib are just fine.
  • The way one hold the pen is what actually matters, calligraphy requires a special method. Holding a pen at an angle of 45 degrees is perfect for drawing, always make sure that the nib does all the work.
  • Practicing is the key to learn calligraphy, so practice the strokes only then would you become good at it.

Learning calligraphy is a little tough but it is equally exciting; online classes are best for learning about calligraphy and a great way to start with this ancient art form.

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