The 7 Differences Between Shark vs Dyson Vacuum

When it comes to choosing the best vacuum-cleaner brand, both Shark and Dyson have some amazing products. The Shark vs Dyson battle has always been tough for claiming the title. So the decision you make depends on your preferences for the features, power, and attachment integrated into the design. Let’s take a look at some of the differences between them. You can also read shark vacuum reviews.

Shark vs Dyson Vacuum

  1. Power

The efficiency of any vacuum cleaner depends on its suction power – whether the vacuum cleaner has enough suction power to clean your house. This has always been the major concern while shopping for a vacuum cleaner. Now coming to the power of Shark & Dyson vacuum, it is seen that both brands measure suction power differently. Dyson measures the vacuum suction in terms of Air watts while Shark uses the measurement in watts. It becomes very confusing to compare the power of two brands because of the complex scientific calculations. There is a debate about which of these measurements actually measure the power of vacuum cleaner.

  1. Cyclone Technology

The cyclone technology reduces a lot of maintenance task in the vacuum cleaners. Both Shark and Dyson have incorporated this feature in their vacuums. When the dirt is sucked by the vacuum, the cyclone technology makes it spin around inside the machine. This means that the dirt won’t be able to clog the unit easily.
However, Dyson gains a point against the best shark vacuum in this technology exhibition. The latest models of Dyson vacuum cleaners features 2 tiers of radial cones for better performance.

  1. Attachment heads

A variety of attachment heads along with the vacuum cleaner allows hassle-free cleaning. These fancy features may or may not be needed by you. The Dyson vacuum cleaners include an adjustable base plate. This means that there is no requirement for manual adjustments while cleaning on bare, wooden floor and carpet. The base plate adjusts itself to the floor by moving up and down to create a perfect seal for cleaning.
On the flip side, the Shark vacuum models require the base plate to be adjusted manually. They have included a switch in their latest models to ease this process.

  1. Features

Now moving to the fancy features included in the vacuum cleaners. The popular vacuum models of Shark include a handheld as well as canister option along with an upright. However, the Dyson vacuum models feature very long hose and some fancy tools that feels amazing. The topmost upright Dyson models cannot be converted into a canister or handheld. The Dyson hoses are also long enough to reach up to the stairs without necessarily dragging the whole machine. The Shark vacuum cleaners have headlights attached while Dyson models lack this feature.

  1. Warranty

Another important factor that can differentiate the two brands is the warranty given on their products. A longer warranty which includes all the costs of repair will definitely attract more customers. The warranty period and benefits vary to a great extent in both the brands. The Shark products come with a warranty period ranging from 5 to 7 years. While the warranty period for Dyson products is only 5 years. Another difference is the benefits included in their warranty. On one hand, Shark offers a limited warranty in which many things are not covered. On the contrary, Dyson offers parts as well as labor warranty on several of their products.

  1. Filters

The filter included in the products of these two brands are entirely different. Dyson designed their top product models in a way that the washable or replaceable filters are not needed. This feature reduces the cost of production for the company. The consumer also need not worry about cleaning the filters to prevent them from clogging. The Shark vacuum cleaners are incorporated with the washable filters. This definitely adds up to a task of cleaning them. The good news is that they are not some regular filters usually found in some cheaper brands. These are specially designed so as to prevent from clogging more often.

  1. Price
    The price quoted by the brands for their products makes a big difference. It categorizes potential customers and also important for a competitive edge.Dyson vacuum is well-loved but they are very expensive. Although they are backed up with a great warranty and cool features, they still affect your pocket a lot. However, if you have a high budget, they are a bang for the buck and built to last. While Shark products are at a lower price level than the Dyson. It is obvious that a lot of adjustments have been made and corners cut to make them affordable.


As you can see, the shark vs dyson vacuum contest is not one whose outcome can be determined be looking at the differences superficially. You need to identify exactly what feature you are looking for in a vacumm because we all have different cleaning needs and factors that inspire our buying decisions.

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