Rules that Teens Should Follow While Dating Online

Parenting young adults and teens in this digital world is an overwhelming responsibility especially when online dating is on its peak. While teenagers could find and meet the love of dating apps and sites, youngsters can also put themselves in an insecure situation in this era of online dating.

If you have teens in your family who are considering online dating for finding the best matches, below are the rules they should follow to experience a safe and secure dating experience.

Keep Personal Identity Safe

This is a no brainer but scammers are creative enough these days and can steal your identity for malicious activities. Ask your teens to never send personal details like social security number, credit card details or address, etc. when creating a profile on one of the top dating apps or sites. Also, never send money or anything of value if a potential match claims it’s an emergency there. Your teens should also keep their real names, birthdays and other social media links private.

Be Safe on Social Media

Most of the dating apps and sites provide an option to connect via your social media profiles and ask for permission to use some of the personal information. That is the reason, ask your teens to stay safe on social media sites and keep minimum personal details public. Also, encourage them to use dating sites that allow them to sign up without using any other social media profile.

Get to Know Your Match Before Meeting

Before meeting anyone in person, ask your teens to get them to know better. Ask them to converse with each other by using the messaging feature available in the dating app they are using and get to know each other’s interests and habits. Video chatting is also a good idea to see the person they are talking to. It helps them make sure they are not connecting with a fake one. Apps like Skye and WhatsApp are one of the best apps for video chatting before meeting someone in person.

Do a Background Check

If they have some friends in common, ask them to get help from those friends for doing a background check about the matches they are connected to. They can perform a reverse search the pictures exchanged and Google for the other details like social media profiles etc. If some similar photos appear in the search result associated with another name, then the pictures are likely to steal from other profiles.

Go on Safe Dates

If your teens are sure about the match found on online dating, ask them to plan a date in daylight and on a public place. Don’t go for a date planned in a home and be sure to share location with a trusted friend to stay on the safe side. Also, ask them not to accept rides from matches until they are trusted. Double or group date is also a good idea to keep your teens safe when dating someone grabbed via online dating.

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