Protect your Jaw Line

 A chiseled jaw line is considered to be one of the most attractive features in men. There are cases where people adopt measures like surgery to get a jaw of the right shape. For body builders, your naturally gifted jaw line can be put to risk as bloating may occur during use of human growth hormone. It is important to understand the various causes behind it and take actions toward preventing it. Various synthetic HGH brands available in the market have potential to cause side effects, including bloating. In cases where individuals do not consult a physician before consumption, it is impossible to know how your body responds to the particular drug. Water retention leads to bloating in the face and body which changes the shape of your jaw and abdomen.

HGH hormones are taken at small dosages for medical purposes as well. Even in such cases the shape of your jaw is affected. It is necessary to understand that as a hormone it influences not only growth hormone activities, but the production, balance, and interactions of other hormones as well as chemicals and enzymes found in the body. As a result enzymes, peptides and fluid levels in the body can be disrupted and unbalanced. The water retention is observed in the hands, feet, jaw, and face, otherwise known as HGH face. This can be awkward for body builders who are very concerned about their physique but may be tolerated by children diagnosed with a growth hormone disorder who use HGH as a medicine.

Protect your Jaw Line

In spite of all these warnings, fear is unwarranted. HGH bloat doesn’t happen to everyone, but it is a strong possibility, regardless of dosage. Some people are just more sensitive to the metabolic and hormonal balances in their body than others. There are measures that can be taken to reduce the chance of bloating in our face or body. Even though we are likely to imagine that drinking water would worsen the issue, it is important to note that HGH can disrupt levels of sodium and thus drinking more water will help flush excess fluids out of the body. Reduce consumption of table salt and salty foods. The body does need salt. As soon as the drug changes the shape of your jaw, try decreasing salt intake and increasing water intake to see if that helps.

Professional bodybuilders will often recommend dividing a daily dosage of the HGH in up to three injections; morning, noon, and evening. This can be a bit inconvenient for some, but may help to avoid severe bloating. Fluid retention in the body can cause damage to organs, including the heart. Excessive fluid buildup around the heart can interfere with cardiovascular function. Before and after results for HGH differs for everyone. Be sure to do your research and consult a medical practitioner and a trainer before you start using this drug. Dosage and usage instructions should be strictly adhered to. HGH bloat is a risk that anyone taking the growth hormone may experience. Taking steps to avoid it may help reduce potential of body bloating, with varying degrees of success.

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