How Buying Chocolate Diamonds Can Raise Money for Charity

Charitable causes are not always considered important by jewelry companies, especially those who are very popular. When it comes to chocolate diamonds and LeVian, charity is always at the forefront of their business. People who purchase diamonds are often concerned about their sources and whether the mining process is ethical. With chocolate diamonds, this is not an issue. Not only does LeVian ethically extract their high quality brown diamonds, but they also care about supporting good causes.

Just by purchasing jewelry from the company, consumers can get involved in a variety of causes. So how can you help someone in need by purchasing their chocolate diamonds?

Buying Chocolate Diamonds

Help a Good Cause

Chocolate diamonds stem from a family oriented jewelry company. Their business dates all the way back to the 15th century and after 2000, they became trademark owners of the chocolate diamond brand. While you may want to purchase these jewels because of their high quality and relatively low price, you will also be pleased to know that your money is not going towards a corporation alone. You are also donating to a good cause.

LeVian donates 10% of their before-tax profits to charity. This means that when you buy their chocolate diamond products you are funding charitable organizations, such as local NGOs and medical centers. Furthermore, the area where the chocolate diamonds are mined is being made into a school district to educate local children. So just by buying their chocolate diamond jewelry you are helping children in need and are a part of a greater cause.

Raising Money for Cancer

The brand recently raised $450,000 for children’s and cancer charities at its 20th anniversary Chocolate Diamonds catwalk fundraiser in Las Vegas. The presentation included support of people who pledged up to $200,000 (an amount matched dollar-for-dollar by LeVian) in exchange for a simple balloon and a rose. People were so moved by the stories being told throughout the evening that they all offered their unified support.

Charities You Can Support through the Chocolate Diamond

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

One of the main charities that you can support through purchasing chocolate diamonds is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The institution is changing the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. By investing in the chocolate diamond market, you can directly be helping this charity advance cures and preventive measures for cancer in children. By making a pledge through the company, your decision will make a huge difference.

The Rafa Foundation

This NGO was founded in 2013 to help cancer patients and their loved ones cope with the everyday effects and struggles of the disease. Once you support the company and purchase the chocolate diamond products, you will be playing your part in funding a system which provides multi-tiered support as a tool in coping and recovery.


Chocolate diamonds are not just being used in fine jewelry, they are also symbols of prosperity and hope for numerous causes around the country.

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