Fix your Computer with this DIY Guide

All of us have problems with our laptops and computers at some point or the other, and getting them fixed immediately is always a task. You may try to fix this problem yourself, but the fear of losing data will always bother you and calling a professional person will put your work on hold for a while. So, to help you deal with this situation, there are three basic steps explained below.

These steps are easy to understand and will help you fix your computer yourself. Troubleshoot the computer If your computer hangs frequently or if it is really slow, then the first thing that you need to do is to conduct a troubleshoot.

Fix Computer DIY Guide

Once you are done troubleshooting, various error messages will appear on your screen. Follow these messages closely and do what they instruct you to do. In some cases, the error messages may specify that a device is missing; in such cases, check the wires properly or re-install the device on the computer.

In most other cases, the error message will give you step-by-step instructions and you just need to follow them. Replacing the RAM in your system As soon as the RAM is mentioned, you may think that altering it will harm your computer or erase your data, but that is not the case. If you know that the RAM is the problematic area in your computer, then you can replace it easily.

A few years ago, it was hard to re-install the RAM without any professional help. But at present, Rams are available in user-friendly packages and can be easily installed. But before you replace your RAM, remember that it needs to be done when the system is turned off. To replace the RAM, open up the case of your computer.

 The inside of the computer may intimate you and may you feel like you are not eligible to do this task. But all you need to do is to look for a pair of chips that are long, placed perpendicularly and stick out. These chips are about an inch high and form the RAM of the computer.

To fix problems with the RAM, you can either place it in properly or remove it and insert it again. There are tiny levers on both the ends of the RAM, so taking them off is not a hard task. If you press these levers simultaneously, the RAM will pop out and can be replaced easily.

 If you take the RAM to a local computer store, you can find a replacement for your computer effortlessly. And once you replace the RAM of the computer, it will work effectively again. Check the power supply for your computer if there is a problem with the power supply of your computer, then you can replace that yourself as well.

But before you start working on the power supply, make sure that you unplug the computer completely to avoid any electrical accidents. In this process, you basically need to check all the power sources attached to your computer.

 And if the problem doesn’t lie there, then you need to take the power source to a local computer store and get it replaced. Grace is an expert associated with PASS LTD. PASS is an organization that provides people with an opportunity to get trained in PAT testing by offering various training courses mentioned at 22-london. To know more, go through their 17th Edition Qualification as well.

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