Essential SEO Tips For Small Business Owners and Startups

Having a presence in all digital channels, especially social media, search engines, and mobile is crucial whether you have a small business or a startup company. It gives you maximum exposure. SEO is the most critical step to establishing and building your company’s digital identity.

It helps you gain visibility in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. hence helping you gain exposure. Therefore for a startup or small business, SEO is as important as filing the responsive contact form. Here are some tips that will help you improve your SEO strategy:

Essential SEO Tips

  1. Register With Google

If you already have a website, then the first thing you should do is register with Google so that you can submit your sitemap. This is important because it allows you to inform Google about your site and any future content updates. It also allows you to find out what search engines know about your content and find about other businesses within your niche.

By registering with Google, you enable email notifications that alert you to any changes or problems like access issues and malware issues on your site. You will also be able to set a domain you prefer. Registering with Google also allows you to check for crawl errors report that gives you details in case your site can’t be read the search engine crawlers.

  1. Register with Google Analytics

If you want more information from the user’s view, then it is best to register with Google Analytics. This will allow you to improve your content’s quality because you will understand how your customers interact with your site. This will also allow you to give them good user experience.

Google analytics will allow you to discover your primary sources of traffic, find the most popular landing pages and exit pages, and also allow you to see the most visited pages.

  1. Make it Easy for People to Find You on Google Places for Business

The idea behind gaining an online presence is to allow people to find you easily. Therefore, it is crucial for you to register with Google places for business to make it possible for your startup and small business to be readily visible.

It is free to register and very easy to set up the account. It is an incredible tool for local SEO because it allows Google to show your startup in the search results. If you don’t have a business site yet, it will allow users to find your business contacts and locations without needing to visit your website.

Once you register with Google places in business, Google Maps will map you and make it possible for people find you on it. It will also make it easier for your clients to interact with you and also write reviews on your services or products.

  1. Find a Social Media Platform

For startups, it is essential to have a social media platform to help you promote your company to the local markets. This also allows you to raise awareness of your services or products. Look up the popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest and decide which one will work best for you.

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