Dianabol Boosts Strength and Lean Mass

Dianabol is one of the most effective oral steroids available in the market today and duly given the title ‘breakfast of champions’. It is even compared to anadrol 50 but not so severe around the method of usage.

Though it is powerful anabolic steroid it does not have very high androgenic properties. Hence bodybuilders look for muscular mass, getting rid of fat, more strength and more toned body. Diabolical is taken during the muscle training phase to gain rapid muscle mass.

Dianabol Boosts Strength

How to take dianabol

A beginner could begin with a dosage above 10mg per day for 4 weeks cycle and gain a good weight of 8kg and lot of strength along with it which actually helps professional weight lifters. There isn’t a prescribed dosage for everybody but persons consuming this steroid should not exceed 50mg per day.

It is best that it is taken orally by beginners and stack it with testosterone and deca durabolin. It is should noted that the first cycle of seven days should have the dosage of 25mg to 50mg and not exceeding this limit. Professionals start with 50mg and the per day dosage should not exceed 100mg mark

Finally it should be noted that Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) is a drug and it may have adverse impact on your system. It is best that you seek medical health check up for underlying conditions and advice for dosage of dianabol. The right amount of exercise, proper diet and dosage will only give the right body.

There will be several changes to the body such as the suppression of the natural forming of the testosterone so one has to take supplements for that. It has also been seen that dianabol causes for high retention of water in the body.

The continuous usage may cause for many a tremendous impact on the liver and also result permanent damage so caution should be administered while consuming dianabol. There has been increase in the blood pressure too if used in higher doses. Hence other medication, narcotic drugs and alcohol have to be avoided.

Dianabol cycles

There can be three kinds of cycles that can be employed such as the dbol cycle, the stack cycle and the ultimate cycle. Here the period of usage and dosages vary how long a user you are.

Dianabol cycle is very popular cycle among the users and it’s quite effective too. Here the user may use anabol alone or testosterone with it. The dbol as it commonly referred to is used in the bulking phases of the bodybuilding process.

The anabol alone cycle is very good and gives good results and has a water retention and a gain of three to four kgs at the finish of the cycle is very good for a beginner of anabolic steroids.

The dianabol cycle is mostly used bulking cycles and is paired with other steroids which are injectable such as Deca and testosterone cypionate and it is also referred to as the bread and butter cycle and it is good method of having this cycle watch your body grow.

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