Bridging the Education for Everyone

The students of today are luckier. Their learning is not anymore limited to what’s in the book or what’s being taught off by the teachers. They are now provided with a lot more resources. Truly, education can now be defined in its true essence. It was decades ago when our teachers taught us that the only universal and most powerful language is English.

They said that there could only be two mediums of teaching, English and whatever your national language is. But now, with the existence of more innovative and up to date technologies that are embedded in each teaching tools, every nation is not anymore restricted to the use of just English and national language, any dialect can now be utilized.

Bridging the Education

Let’s face it, often; for those countries that have too many dialects, it is very hard for their native speakers to learn their lessons or be fully educated. They are having a hard time comprehending each lecture. And now, with the modernization and development, learning tools that make schooling more fun, exciting and worthy are provided, the dictionaries or thesaurus for those who prefer tangible reading materials and for the geeks who favors gaining knowledge online, there are Google translate, free dictionary or Merriam and Webster, and etc.

Traditional Dictionaries – A dictionary is very important for the people who wants try to learn the new language. Traditional refers the dictionaries that are either paper, hard bound or soft bound issued.- With this, they will be able to look up at the meaning of any word they hear or read.-

There is always an English translation of any word in your native language- They will be able to check the accurate spelling- They will be provided the correct pronunciation- The plural or singular form and the corresponding tenses of any word is made available- They can find the synonym and antonym of a word- They can check the part of speech or even the collocations of any word- They can even find examples of the use of the word in their native lingo Electronic dictionaries – A kind of dictionary that can be utilized only with the help of equipment’s like iPad, computer, and even kindle.

And whilst the entire listed above can also be provided by the online dictionaries, the following are its strongest points though:- Perhaps the greatest advantage it has is its ability to speak to the word- Words can be found easily- Any word can be translated not only into your native language but also with another national lingo- They provide a longer list of meanings or definitions Knowing how to use the dictionary isn’t hard; the adverse thing is learning when to use any of the above or the proper words in a sentence.

Every person must know that while a dictionary can serve is purpose most of the time; it’s still up to the user to come up with words rightfully. Know when to use it.With all these improvements and advancements in education, truly, it makes schooling more exhilarating and laudable for everyone. This article sponsored by

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