Testosterone is a male hormone and its insufficiency can lead to hypogonadism. There is a synthetic version of this hormone available in the market which is prescribed by doctors in such cases. There various version of this medication available the popular being testosterone acetate. The testosterone steroid when without prescription is illegal but bodybuilders and sportsman use this drug to enhance their performance.


Cycle of testosterone acetate

This cycle is for bodybuilders, for other sports the cycles may vary. It also depends on the body type and tolerance level of the person. Each individual has his own medical history and people already heart and other chronic diseases are advised not follow this cycles as it may prove fatal. All these medications have to be taken under medication supervision and utmost care has to taken with the dosages too.

Injectable testosterone medication is very popular, but this is to be done under medical supervision as the higher the concentration than required for your body may lead several adverse health complications that are uncalled for. Medical guidance is definitely is needed while consuming this medication.

The results of intravenous testosterone will last for few days as the potency of the drug weans off in about two days. Check out more about conversion to testosterone and the effects.

Side effects

The normal functionality of the testicles may stop when you artificially inject the synthetic one into your body. So the adverse effect would be hair fall, shrinking of testicles, headaches, dizziness, loss of libido. It is one of the powerful hormones in the body hence the use of this drug should be done judiciously as the mental, emotional and physical well being of a person is at stake.

Studies have shown that these steroids activate the brains and the excitement levels are high and they take a long time to come down till the effect of the drug weans off, hence there can be sleep issues like insomnia or sleep apnea. The person will want to sleep but he/she will have trouble sleeping which is not healthy for the body, because it is the time for the body to repair and rejuvenate for the next day. The biological clock of the body is effected, hence the organs too. With the brain in a confused state.

Close attention should be paid to the milligrams of the injectable dose as the strength of the steroid is highly potent and careful discretion should be employed by consuming it.

The consumption of steroids has caused blood increase, prostrate problems, large and small strokes have been also caused risking the cardiac health of the person. Hence a close monitoring by a medical professional during the intake of such high power synthesized hormones has been evaluated. As many celebrities have died due to the drug overdose, others may have been so but not so widely reported as of public figures.

Results of use

Since testosterone effects many body functions in the body. Whenever the brain senses that there are lower levels of testosterone then the luteinising hormone is sent to the testicles to produce testosterone.

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