Google in The Modern Business Arena

What began as a search engine has extended its reach to every part of the business world? Today the various offerings from Google have become an indispensable part of conducting business online. Let’s look at some of Google’s offerings one by one and the difference they make to our business lives.

Gmail This amazing offering from Google works wherever you have a computer with internet. Offline support is offered so that you can work without an internet connection. Whatever your status, your emails are always available. You get 25 GB of storage with Gmail. An implication of this is no need to delete messages, ever! An increase in productivity is one aim of Gmail. Search through your mail with the immensely powerful search tools. Use Filters and Labels to stay organized.

Google in The Modern Business Arena

Calendar You can stay on track and remain organized with this amazing tool. Use it to schedule the day. It sends reminders of important events to your inbox or phone. Make sure that you are ready for a meeting with the correct materials by simply attaching files or docs to an event. Find time for your team using the smart scheduling feature. This feature suggests meeting times based on everyone’s schedule.

Drive Google Drive works on mobiles, Macs and PCs. Get access to updated versions of files from anywhere. Upload all types of files. Store Google Docs in Google Drive. Share files and folders. Have several people working on a document at any time? Buy 16 terabytes of storage for just over $4 per month. It’s as good as storing data on dedicated servers. DocsThis app allows creating basic documents from nothing. Make bulleted lists, change fonts and sort documents based on a range of criteria.

Sheets This powerful spreadsheet editor allows for analyzing data and tracking results as well as tracking projects and sharing lists. You can get new perspectives on your input data by pivot tables, filters, embedded charts and advanced formulas. Slides Create attractive slides for business presentations. The presentation editor supports dynamic slide transitions, animations and embedded videos. Make presentations private or public as you choose.

Sites Sites lets you share workspace with your team. Creating a project site is very simple just like writing a document. Choose from hundreds of templates to save time.  Organize everything under one umbrella with your team site. Find stuff easily with Google powered search. It is easy to share with colleagues and partners – as simple as pressing a button. You control view ability and editing permissions.

Vault This is an optional add-on to Google apps. It costs an additional $5 per user month.  Retention policies can be defined for application to email and chat messages. Keep on top of litigation and compliance audits with E-discovery.  Place email and chat messages on legal hold so that they cannot be deleted.  Email and chat messages can be exported to traditional formats for review and additional processing. Also use this app for audits.

Google +This amazing tool can also be used for business like the whole of Google apps. It is a great way of sharing with colleagues Ask questions and get answers. Use it for video meetings that you can join straight from your laptop, phone or tablet.

As you can see Google now offers an array of services that make it invaluable to small and growing businesses. For a small fee and sometimes for free you get access to services that can streamline your data processing and help you to organize yourself. Get synced with Google apps today! This is a guest post by Ashley Williamson. Ashley is an occasional blogger interested in tech and business related topics.

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