GABA Supplements – A knowhow

GABA supplements are used extensively for relaxing and for reducing stress levels. They are available in the market in the form of tablets, capsules, liquid and bulk powder. Each type of supplement has its benefits. All types of GABA supplements work in preventing the receptors in the brain from getting hyperactive. It helps in creating a feeling of peace and calm. Anxiety and depression are becoming more common than ever. Anxiety springs from an over excited brain, where the action of excitatory neurotransmitters are on the high. In the absence of GABA or the other inhibitory neurotransmitters, the excitatory neurotransmitters continue to excite and hence causing havoc in the brain. This can lead to many illnesses like depression, bipolar syndrome, anxiety and stress. Hence it is important that when there is a dip in the amount of GABA in the body, it has to be supplemented externally. In the past, chemicals that would trigger the production of GABA in the brain were given to the patients showing the above symptoms but now it is possible to supplement the GABA itself via tablets or capsules or powder forms of GABA supplements. GABA is shown to have relaxing effects on the human body.

GABA Supplements

There are over 100s of types of neurotransmitters in the human body. They are basically made of amino acids. A neurotransmitter can be either inhibitory or excitatory or in some cases both. Some examples of excitatory neurotransmitters are glutamate and epinephrine. GABA, glycine and serotonin are examples of inhibitory neurotransmitters. A neurotransmitter that can work in both inhibitory and excitatory ways is dopamine. GABA is one of the best brain supplements that have shown to calm any nervous brain and are generally well tolerated.

Maintaining sleep patterns: In some cases, people find it difficult to fall asleep; others find it difficult to stay asleep. Deep sleep (REM) is very important for the overall well being of a human being. It is the time when many important functions are put into play. Growth hormones are released during this time and play a major role in stimulating growth via cell multiplication. It is very important for adults and children to have a complete sleep cycle to ensure that they feel fresh and rejuvenated the next morning. A lot of factors can affect the quality of sleep. For example stress, or aging or any disorders that prevent that time of unconscious deep sleep is absolutely imperative for the well being and normal functioning of a human being. GABA has shown to have some effect in maintaining healthy sleep cycles, reducing the time taken to fall asleep and helps a person go into deep sleep sooner.

Muscle building: GABA supposedly works on the thyroid gland in turn promotes production of growth hormones which help athletes and bodybuilders obtain a lean muscle structure. Growth hormones help in body building and increasing muscle mass. GABA supplements have shown to increase the production of growth hormones during and after training. It is not proved that they are directly related to body building.

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