4 Easy Tips for Bulking

You want to grow bigger; this is a challenging and slow process. For many people it is harder to gain weight than losing. This becomes even harder for those people who are genetically designed slim. They find it difficult to increase muscle mass even if they eat a lot of food. This article will give you tips to bulk effectively with good muscles. When you increase your body weight it is inevitable that you will gain some fat also, but if you will follow the underwritten tips, then you will be able get a lean physique. There are many supplements whose side effects are generally well tolerated. You are advised not to consume them without consulting your physician.

Tips for Bulking

Keep It Clean

You want to gain weight without gaining fat. Suppose you need to consume 5000+ calories and to get this much calories by a healthy food is really a difficult task. You have to eat a lot of food. In other words you have to eat all day, but that is a worth it. If you follow this you will stay relatively lean and healthy throughout the bulking process.

On the other hand when people want to increase muscle mass they eat whatever they find. They eat junk food and all other unhealthy food items which are effective for gaining body weight.

To get proper results and ensure that you don’t work harder to get rid of same body fat which you gain during bulking, eat clean food for lean muscle mass.To get lean muscle mass, people also use supplements which have generally well tolerated side effects.

Gain Weight Slowly

Physical trainers advise to lose between 1 to 2 pounds of body weight. Similarly when you want to gain weight, you are supposed to make your target of gaining 1 pound every week. Gaining weight is a slow process and if you try to gain more than this in a week, you will end up gaining more fat. Moreover, there are certain things which you have to decide yourself as exceptions are always there. If you are gaining 1 pound every week without fat, then you can increase it to 2 pounds. Try to gain weight with minimal fat percentage. It is good to take it slow rather than working out to get rid of the same fat which you have gained now.

You Can Do Cardio

People make a mistake when they are bulking up, they quit cardiovascular exercises completely. You need to decrease its intensity level, but quitting it completely is not a good idea because by doing cardiovascular exercises you can boost your metabolism. A good metabolic rate will make you hungry and you will eat more. This exercise is also good for maintaining your cardiovascular health and burning the amount of fat you have accumulated during the bulking phase.


The macronutrients which our body is in need of are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Each one of them is important in muscle building and you cannot neglect any of them. It is advised to consume 1 g of protein per pound of body weight to increase muscle mass. If you have a body weight of 200 pounds you can eat around 200 g of protein every day.

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